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David Thompson

Business continuity and risk consulting services
Phone 027 489 8849
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David is a business consultant who works with a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors in New Zealand bringing his expertise in business continuity management, information communication technology (ICT) continuity management, crisis management and emergency response management to enable the building of a greater resilience within those organisations.

He is an experienced practitioner who not only consults but has also managed a number of teams in the recovery of people, property and systems after several disaster incidents. These events include the Hutt Valley and Queenstown floods and, throughout New Zealand, hazardous materials contamination, denial of access and ICT systems failures.

David is also a recognised leader, trainer and international public speaker in the business continuity industry. He has over 15 years as a consultant and this is supported by 40-plus years' experience in a wide range of industry sectors.

He is an internationally recognised speaker and trainer.

David's commitment to building resilience within organisations also finds expression in his roles as the Committee member of the Business Continuity Institute's Wellington Forum. David is also a member of Risk NZ (previously the NZ Risk Society for Risk Management).

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