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Chris Peace is running a "Risk, compliance & auditing" training course in Wellington through Bright*Star on 9 and 10 May 2016. 

Later that week he is running The popular "Operational Risk Assessment" course through Bright*Star in Auckland.

And in June Chris is running "Due Diligence for Officers" courses through Bright*Star - available in Auckland and Wellington or as an in-house option.

In June 2016 ConferNZ is running the "Freight, Ports and Supply Chain Summit" in June 2016. Chris will be talking about "Managing risk in the supply chain" and facilitating a one-day workshop on the "Health and Safety at Work Act and the Logistics Industry". 

Bright*Star is also offering "Leadership, Culture and Collaboration in Health and Safety" and "Workplace Accidents: the critical role of the 'human factor'"



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