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Risk canvas: a risk assessment tool

We have developed the risk canvas to help carry out risk assessments in a more structured way. The canvas can be downloaded here and guidance on its use is here. Both are free of charge and there is no copyright on...[more]

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The risk matrix - again!

The risk matrix continues to be used by many people as a semi-scientific risk analysis technique. But it’s not. We have now reported to several clients on the usefulness of the matrix and the most recent section of a...[more]

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The Blunders of our Governments (book review)

Short of outright fraud (and not necessarily even then) blunders of governments tend to be noticed and publicly investigated more than those in the private sector – as witnessed by some of the reports from the New Zealand Office...

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Accident ratio studies

Accident ratio studies are often used to justify recording and analysing near-hits as part of a monitoring programme. They typically compare the number of fatalities or serious harm injuries with minor injuries, property damage...

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Standards and New Zealand Institute of Safety Management

This is a note for members of the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management. It is published here because it is too long to fit on the NZISM Linked In page. Members may recall I represent NZISM on two joint standards...

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Everything changes, nothing changes? The likely effect of new health and safety legislation.

New Zealand has learned to live with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and, specifically, its effects on building and construction law. However, 2014 is likely to see new legislation based on the Australian Model Act....

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Of fires and explosions, trains and boats

The Canadian disaster The build-up to the disaster was, as usual, spread over months. Perhaps years. Regulatory agencies didn’t notice the changes in the transport of dangerous goods (their nature, quantities, etc). Those...

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Working papers

Our first working paper is published below. Comments welcome!

Risk assessments: is there a Goldilocks technique?

This working paper reviews findings from research being carried by Chris Peace out towards a PhD at Victoria University. It looks at which techniques could be and are used as part of risk assessments.

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