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Business Continuity Management

Organisations in New Zealand can be exposed to significant risks arising from natural hazards and technological hazards. Such risk in NZ can disrupt business-as-usual activities and may require management strategies such as business continuity management and business continuity planning. However, events elsewhere in the world can create risk in NZ.
Our business continuity management and business continuity planning services are based on thorough assessments of risk in NZ and elsewhere and use business impact analyses and other relevant techniques.
Effective treatment of disruption-related risks, including business continuity planning, can also help lessen dependency on business interruption insurance. However, we always try to ensure business continuity plans link with business interruption insurance to help maximise their respective benefits.
We believe:

  • any effective business continuity plan is risk-based and focuses on early restoration of the business objectives of the organisation
  • any planning for the management of disruption-related risks must include crisis communications with key stakeholders
  • effective business continuity management depends on actions before the event as much as on responses after the event
  • clients should be as involved as possible in the plan preparation process; they then have ownership of the plan and need less training in its operation.

We base our business continuity management consultancy services on AS/NZS 5050 Business continuity: management of disruption-related risk. Using our risk assessment tools (including business impact analysis) and the principles set out in the standard we ask clients about their key drivers, services and products - and how much disruption stakeholders would be willing to stand. Answers to these questions help us analyse how:

  • disruption might occur and how it could be prevented
  • the immediate emergency should be responded to
  • restoration to an acceptable level of service might be achieved.

Our projects include attention to crisis management planning and crisis communication plans that will help keep stakeholders in society informed about the status of service restoration and issues arising.
For more information contact Dave Thompson or Chris Peace.

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