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Risk Management

We are often asked to help develop risk management frameworks aligned with ISO 31000 Risk management. This will include advice an appropriate risk management policy statement, accountabilities and risk assessment techniques. Increasingly we help clients to develop management systems integrated into the overall management system. This may include business continuity controls that line managers are accountable for.

We have conducted some major risk assessments, similar to a safety case, to give assurance to boards that major risks are being effectively managed. We use a range of risk assessment techniques including some described in ISO 31010 Risk Management - Risk Assessment Techniques.

While we can use quantitative risk analysis techniques we often find that qualitative techniques give good results that help understand the nature of risks and then determine the level of risk. Our risk assessments use a process and techniques generally accepted as best practice. The outcomes are then used to decide how to treat the risks.

Chris Peace also offers training and facilitation in a range of risk assessment techniques including the Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT); see our information on training services.

For more information contact Chris.

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