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Welcome to Risk Management Ltd

Risk Management Ltd is a long-established professional consultancy providing mentoring, advisory and training services to clients in New Zealand and beyond.

As in many countries, business risk in New Zealand can be due to:

>> business-as-usual activities
>> strategic or project-related activities
>> natural hazards or other external causes.

Our approach to risk in NZ can be described as looking for the many causes of events that could result in many consequences. Our risk assessments frequently use bow-tie analysis to help show risk and control gaps graphically.

We use the protocols set out in ISO 31000 Risk management, AS/NZS 5050: 2010 Business continuity: management of disruption-related risk, HB 89 Risk assessment techniques and related Standards New Zealand and Standards Australia handbooks.

Our work is evidence-based and we use research evidence to support our opinions and advice. We give best-practice guidance to clients.

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